Cybersecurity is the practice of protecting computer systems, networks, and digital information from theft, damage, unauthorized access, or other forms of cyberattacks. It encompasses a wide range of technologies designed to safeguard data, devices, and systems from various threats in the digital realm.

Cybersecurity is a growing industry as compliance with regulations and reputation management are crucial for organisations. Cybersecurity serves as a shield for individuals and communities, reinforcing trust and safety in the digital world.

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Cybersecurity specialisations

Cybersecurity is a rapidly evolving field with a wide range of job roles and specializations. Here are some common job roles in cybersecurity:

  • Security Analyst: Security analysts monitor an organization's computer systems and networks for security breaches and investigate security incidents. They also develop and implement security measures to protect an organization's data and information.

  • Incident Responder: Incident responders are responsible for managing and mitigating security incidents when they occur.

  • Security Engineer: Security engineers design, implement, and maintain an organization's security infrastructure. They work on firewalls, intrusion detection systems, and other security technologies to ensure the protection of systems and data.

  • Penetration Tester (Ethical Hacker): Penetration testers are hired to simulate cyberattacks on an organization's systems to identify vulnerabilities and weaknesses. They use their findings to help organizations improve their security defences.

  • Security Architect: Security architects design the overall security structure of an organization, including security policies, standards, and procedures. They ensure that security solutions align with the organization's goals and needs.

  • Security Administrator: Security administrators manage and maintain an organization's security systems, including firewalls, antivirus software, and access controls.

  • Security Operations Center (SOC) Analyst: SOC analysts work in a Security Operations Center, where they monitor network traffic, analyse security alerts, and respond to security incidents in real-time.

  • Security Compliance Analyst: These professionals ensure that an organization complies with industry-specific security standards and regulations.

  • Forensic Analyst: Forensic analysts investigate cyber-crimes and data breaches by analysing digital evidence.

These are just some of the many roles in the cybersecurity field. Depending on an individual's interests and expertise, they can specialise in various areas within cybersecurity, such as network security, application security, cloud security, IoT security, and more.

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How do I know if I would be suited to a career in cybersecurity?

  • Curious, analytical problem solver

  • Technical aptitude and passion for continuous learning

  • Ethical integrity

  • Communication skills and teamwork

  • Resilience to handle high pressure situations

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