Take a look at the skills, behaviours, knowledge and experience points for the various roles below to see what you think. Could this be what you excel at?

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    Business Roles

    Think you’re a team player? Sounds like you’d enjoy being at the heart of the action and working with teams from across digital businesses!

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    Creative Roles

    If you’re drawn to the more creative side of a digital career, there are many roles within the digital industry that require a creative flare. Some of these include, web designers, copywriters, social media marketers, graphic designers, sound or lighting engineers and many more.

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    Customer Support Roles

    So, you like a challenge? If you enjoy problem solving and helping people, it sounds like the digital world is in need of your skills to help support customers. 

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    Technical Roles

    If you’re drawn to coding and programming as a digital career, you might enjoy the role of a Software Developer, UX Designer, QA Analyst or Game Developer. You could be using your flare for problem solving to create the next life-changing website, or life-saving programmes for the NHS, or creating the next block-buster game, who knows?!