Domestic Services Assistant

Domestic Services Assistant

Domestic services staff are responsible for keeping healthcare environments clean and hygienic. This is critically important function as it reduces the risk of infections, helps patients feel safe and reassured, and enables everyone else to work effectively.

Domestic services assistants work within a team, coordinated by a supervisor, who can help prioritise between routine cleaning and emergency situations, such as spills.


  • Cleaning all areas of the site on a routine basis, as directed by the supervisor 

  • Planned monthly or annual deep cleans 

  • Becoming familiar with different equipment, including electric floor cleaners and carpet cleaners 

  • Responding quickly to emergency cleaning needs 

Career progression

  • You can progress to become a domestic services supervisor, overseeing the domestic services assistants. This will include allocating out work, ensuring that the standard of work is high, and making sure staff are available for emergency situations. You can progress further into a domestic services management position 

  • Working in healthcare environments will expose you to many other jobs in the sector and getting to know the staff is a great way to get your foot in the door 

Key information

  • Typical salary: £18,000 to £20,000 (37.5 hours per week) 

  • No qualifications or prior experience needed, including GSCEs, A-Levels, or BTECs

  • Up to 27 days annual leave

  • Often includes shift work (days, nights, weekends, bank holidays)

  • Must have the right to work in the UK 

  • Eligible for NHS worker discounts

"I’m really glad I took part in the course as it gave me the opportunity to explore the many roles available in the NHS and get a foot in the door. I’m at the start of my career now; there’s no limit to what I can achieve and that’s exciting!" Kirandeep