Admin assistants may also be known as clerks or administrators.

They are responsible for ensuring that personal information is organised, stored and communicated effectively, so that patients receive the right level of care. Admin assistants are usually based in a hospital or office setting, with duties ranging from checking-in patients at appointments to supporting teams such as Finance or HR.


Here are some of the most common admin assistant responsibilities:

  • Checking-in patients when they arrive  

  • Communicating patient appointments to clinical team 

  • Booking patients into follow-up appointments 

  • Organising and maintaining patient records 

Career progression

  • Staying in administration, becoming a supervisor or manager

  • Moving into other wider healthcare roles, for example, Finance, HR, and IT

  • Moving into a medical role, such as a healthcare support worker

  • You’ll also learn many soft skills such as communicating effectively; organisation; and teamwork, which are useful outside of the health and social care sector.

Key information

  • Pay ranges from £18,000 to £28,000 per year (37.5 hours per week)

  • Typically work office hours (Mon-Fri, 09.00-17.00) 

  • Up to 27 days annual leave 

  • No qualifications or prior experience needed, including GSCEs, A-Levels, or BTECs

  • Employers will be looking for good communication skills, the ability to use computer, and attention to detail – patient records need to be managed with accuracy 

  • You must have the right to work in the UK 

  • Eligible for NHS worker discounts 

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